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Today, we get to speak with Afshan Abbas. She is a technologist and a social impact entrepreneur. Afshan started her career as a software engineer at Microsoft where she worked closely with business and finance teams, solving big data problems.

In 2016, she left her corporate job and co-founded Fuchsia – a sustainable shoe brand on a mission to empower artisans from South East Asia. As the CEO of Fuchsia, she worked on building the company from the ground up. Now Fuchsia Shoes, work with more than 120 artisans who have shipped over 20,000 pairs to over 20+ countries all over the world.

Our Guest

Afshan Abbas

Hacks to Take Away

  • She shared that the inspiration mostly came from traveling to different parts of the world.
  • Hard work and indigenous craftsmanship skills goes behind creating her beautiful products. 
  • She has a really good expert team of retail technologists, and fashion designers to pull a fashion startup.
  • Crowdfunding just seems like a great fit for a great idea.
  • She talks about their first campaign and how they nailed it.
  • Merino wool is like the most comfortable, breathable, eco-friendly material we could use in shoes.
  • Creating those economic opportunities for socially marginalized artisans that get exploited in the local markets.

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