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Today we get to speak with Elysia Buss. She is an equine facilitated life coach, host and producer of the YouTube channel horsepower empowerment through connection. She’s currently on tour around the US as she collaborates with an equine assisted learning and mental health facilities to create promotional short videos and increase visibility for the Equine industry. She’s on a mission to empower a billion people on the planet.

Our Guest

Elysia Buss

Hacks to Take Away

  • Stepping into  power and letting go of all of the limiting beliefs.
  • It’s important to understand the difference when you’re engaging with your clients.
  • Empowerment through connection.
  • The work she did with horses was originally more of her hobby.
  • Your internal landscape forms your external experience in life.
  • Start empowering people, we empower them by teaching them emotional regulation.
  • A lot of times we talk about forgiveness of others, but also forgiving ourselves psychologically, and also forgiving our bodies.

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