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Today I get to speak with Kuti Mack. He is the creator of the 6-Week SuperYou®️ Program which uses fitness and nutrition to propel people to be their best daily. Clients and audiences alike have affectionately dubbed KUTI the “Fitness Philosopher” for his unique ability to share straightforward, science-based expertise paired with inspirational philosophies that connect with people on a personal level.

Our Guest

Kuti Mack

Hacks to Take Away

  • Fitness and nutrition have just been a habit for me lifelong. But most importantly, my purpose. My purpose in life, I’ve discovered, is to help you. I’m a problem solver.
  • When you’re sleeping is when your body recovers and changes and regenerates and all the working out you do all the healing all the muscle building that all happens while you sleep while you rest.
  • Ginger covers everything and that’ll help you as far as making it palatable.
  • Binding agents could be petroleum, it could be things they’re just not good for your body
  • If you keep giving yourself high doses of nutrition straight to the bloodstream, eventually your body’s going to say okay.
  • If you give yourself too explicit doses of nutrition, you’ll find it making those nutritional decisions in between are way less easy.

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