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Today we get to speak with Fritz Colcol, He is a rising businessman based in Chicago and the owner of restaurants, a digital marketing and tech company and the co owner of an apparel brand. He is also a professional athlete for Men’s Physique in the IPE League and bagged the “Mr. Illinois 2016” title.Back in college, he took the bold decision to switch majors from Computer Engineering to Kinesiology Exercise Science upon realizing his passion for fitness. While finishing his degree, he incorporated his love for fitness into his Instagram platform. He then proceeded to work for a top health and wellness startup in Silicon Valley. As its Chief Marketing Officer, he helped the company generate seven figure in only 6 months. He shares extensive knowledge through his Instagram @fritzlifestyle, several podcasts, and speaking engagements. Furthermore, he has also been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, and Inc. Magazine, among others.Today, Fritz Colcol (@fritzlifestyle) has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses leverage their social media presence and transform their online presence into revenue. By positioning their social media presence strategically and through the power of engaging with followers, he helps entrepreneurs establish a large business network and become a rising authority in their respective industries.

Our Guest

Fritz Colcol

Hacks to Take Away

  • Fritz shared about having the mentality of an entrepreneur without knowing that word entrepreneurs.
  • In this episode he talks about motivations for the things that he’s currently doing.
  • He shared about how he came up with this idea of a cuisine called sushi donut. And went viral on NBC news.
  • He started building multiple different Instagram accounts were at constantly monetize that by shouting out fitness brands.
  • Opportunity is just endless. So in terms of tips and strategies, if you are just trying to monetize your personal brand and your business sprint, just have a clear path of message.
  • “I’m inspiring and motivating hundreds if not 1000s of people every single day.” – Fritz

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