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Today we get to speak with Alec Lace, He’s the Host of First Class Fatherhood launched in 2018 with a vision to change the narrative of fatherhood and family life.The show quickly became one of the top parenting podcasts in America due to Alec interviewing some of the most famous fathers in the world including Dean Cain, Deion Sanders, Tony Hawk, and Tom Brady.Because of the show’s popularity, Alec was invited to be on the field for the Super Bowl LIII media day in 2019 to interview dads such as Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, and Bill Belichick.Additionally, our nation’s heroes hold a special place in Alec’s heart, and on his podcast, he has interviewed legendary servicemen such as Navy SEALs Rob O’Neill and Marcus Luttrell, “Black Hawk Down” pilot Mike Durant, Benghazi survivor John Tiegen, and Medal of Honor recipients Ed Byers, Dakota Meyer and Michael Thornton.Alec does all of this while continuing to be a dedicated railroad mechanic, a position he has held for twenty years and he even drives Uber on weekends as a way to further spread his message. First Class Fatherhood can be heard each week on iHeart Radio, Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes.

Our Guest

Alec Lace

Hacks to Take Away

  • We talked about the importance of having children and the importance of being a father.
  • Social media has definitely done a lot of damage to the young generation
  • We shared about the balance between a healthy family versus a family that’s not so healthy.
  • 90% of the kids that are homeless in this country come from a fatherless home.
  • You need to be secure and straight and happy before you can make anybody else happy.
  • We need to be present, and stay focused, where we’re at and give our undivided attention to which one of those three parts that we’re at.

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