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Today we get to speak with Joel Cleland. He’s the CEO for centric a global digital currency. With over 20 years of diverse career experience, Joe has moved in the education, finance and philosophy sectors. Joel emphasizes investor education and partnerships. He is very excited about Centrix move to the finance smart chain, which will bring more opportunities for partnerships and an amazing user experience. Now Centrix number one focus is solving volatility in the cryptocurrency space. And number two, focus is default integration of the centric network for merchant services both on the E commerce side, as well as traditional brick and mortar over the coming months and years. We want to save people and businesses money and make the payment process easier and faster. When we learn about money in our world, we make better financial decisions that improves our family’s lives, our communities and the world at large. So let’s listen in to this episode. As we learn a little more about Joel Cleveland, the CEO for Centrix.

Our Guest

Joel Clelland

Hacks to Take Away

  • Never give up on people. Sometimes they give up on themselves, but don’t give up on them.
  • Allowing people to make mistakes and allowing yourself to make mistakes.
  • We have to give the same grace and patience to our children to the people around us.
  • We start to find the people who share our beliefs and our values when we take that approach to life.
  • You’re never too old to serve.
  • Don’t let fear win, get out there and experience life and find the things that you like.

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