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Today I get to speak with Devin Roscillo, She is an Activation and Mindset Coach who helps women claim their confidence and become their fullest, boldest selves.Devin helps female entrepreneurs step into their confidence so they can love themselves fully and take their businesses to the next level.She works with them on their self-limiting beliefs (aka. the B.S. stories and lies we tell ourselves that hold us back!)Devin helps them release those beliefs and ignite the flame inside of themselves to create an abundant life and business.She creates incredibly activating and soul-aligned group coaching programs to support female entrepreneurs, who want to create rock-solid community, collaborate and create fire businesses, and ignite their inner bold selves.

Our Guest

Devin Roscillo

Hacks to Take Away

  • Devin talks about awesome things in her groups and her business coaching.
  • She shares about how she left her speech pathology job and became an entrepreneur.
  • Find out how she became an entrepreneur and started feeling like finally living a free, purposeful, growth oriented life.
  • She was able to use her full passion and full energy to dive into her business.
  • Devin shared some insights on how she delivers results for her clients.
  • Defining what your values are is really useful especially in business.

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