Dr. Laura Jaget is the creator of HOW TO LIFE®, a brand that teaches life skills to students of all ages.Akin to Adulting 101, the How To Life podcast and a YouTube channel feature audio and short video tutorials called Mominars® that provide instruction, information, and lots of encouragement.These mini adulting classes will motivate and inspire and are sure to help take the fear out of adulting.

Our Guest

Laura Jaget

  • LinkedIn :linkedin.com/in/dr-laura-jaget-161034
  • Website : howtolife.com  (Company Website)
  • IG: @laurajaget_howtolifenow
  • FB: Laura Jaget
  • TikTok: Dr. Laura Jaget (@howtolifenow) TikTok | Watch Dr. Laura Jaget’s Newest TikTok Videos
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfaJzijdFNDLS-Fp9WBirYQ

Hacks to Take Away

  • Laura shared about teaching young and newer adults with the basic life skills.
  • She talks about helping her patients feel better, and giving them back their power.
  • Being able to make a mistake in front of others and learn from it and get better because of it.
  • Being able to be on vacation and still do some stuff and help people.
  • Take the easiest step and break it down further until you get to a level that you can take.
  • Picking what you want to do, whatever you find fun, whatever you’re passionate about.
  • Laura shares about the changing world with the technology that’s available, you can be an entrepreneur.

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