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Today we get to speak with Billy Samoa Saleebey an entrepreneur, podcast host, and award-winning filmmaker (Rolling). He has led learning and development organizations for some of the most disruptive companies in the world, including Tesla, where he was Head of Global Sales & Product Training. He also co-founded Podify and is the current CEO, a podcast agency that provides production and promotion services to companies and individuals who want to create a podcast. In addition to being the host of For the Love of Podcast (a podcast about podcasting), he’s also is the host of the podcast Insight Out, where he interviews world changers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to uncover powerful insights, reveal why they make an impact, and explain exactly how they can be applied.

Our Guest

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Hacks to Take Away

  • Be very transparent to your audience.
  • We talked about being a perfectionist that helps in career. And why it’s also been one of the biggest challenge.
  • That access to information with great knowledge comes with great responsibility.
  • Being able to determine and discern what’s facts versus what’s made up. 
  • Having some ability to impact people.
  • Desire is the number one step. 
  • The beauty of life is that we have the ability to allow ourselves to have that shared humanity. 

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