This episode features an insightful conversation with Jillian Benbow, Director of Community Experience at SPI Media. Jillian shares over a decade of experience building thriving online communities. She discusses best practices for community management, including listening to members, providing value, and being actively engaged. Jillian also offers tips for learning from existing communities before launching your own. An enjoyable discussion covering community dynamics, remote work, and Jillian’s favorite movies, shows, and hobbies. Valuable lessons for anyone looking to cultivate meaningful connections and help others.

Our Guest

Jillian Benbow


Hacks to Take Away

– Observe existing online communities to understand how they work and engage members
– Ask your audience if a community is something they want before launching 
– Have a clear vision of the value and experience you will provide as a community leader
– Make time to actively listen, engage, and provide support to community members
– Connect people to others who can help answer questions or find opportunities to collaborate
– Consider platforms like Geneva, Discord or Slack that don’t tie your community to social media accounts

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