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Today I get to speak with Kevin Kwan. He’s hired by coaches to nail down the message and psychology on how to attract, connect and enroll more sophisticated clients from their Facebook Group and Email list.

He’s written over 30 different email funnels and sales pages for influencers in the health, wellness, and personal development industry increasing their program sales between 150% to 300%.

Kevin was also the main copy and offers coach for two, multi-million dollar online coaching and consulting companies where he crafted over 1000 high-ticket offers and positioned their content to convert for their clients.

Today, he shares his in-the-trenches wisdom inside his own program using his own proprietary frameworks and systems to help coaches enroll more sophisticated clients from their Facebook groups and Email list.

Our Guest

Kevin Kwan

  • Facebook:

Hacks to Take Away

  • Having compassion for ourselves is monumental.
  • Kevin talks about being able to be creative and how to be a leader through influential messaging..
  • Kevin shared his three main points that he helps others resolve through his coaching program.
  • How Kevin build communities through the Facebook group and email list.
  • Mannerisms that create attraction.
  • If you’re posting content, and you’re not getting feedback, don’t worry about it. Just keep posting the content, because there will be a time when somebody comes back and looks at your stuff.
  • Create influential messaging to attract sophisticated clients.

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