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Today we get to speak with Linda Schneider. she has been doing internet marketing since 2006, and has the distinction of having one of the oldest account numbers on Godaddy.

She currently runs a subscription business for real estate agents that generates more than $10,000/mo while working less than 10 days a month. Her passion is what she calls “leveraged income,” or making a lot more money than the time you put in.

Our Guest

Linda Schneider

Hacks to Take Away

  • Linda shared about how she discovered doing freelance work successfully.
  • Selling newsletters to agents, and building a really quite lucrative business.
  • Linda talks about how she loves the interactive element of teaching.
  • Sales function sometimes stops so many people from being successful.
  • Open-handed selling is the skill of being able to sell in a way that you’re their hero, they’re looking for you.
  • The perspective of not just a realtor, but somebody who’s there to help people find their perfect home.
  • You’ve got all the free time in the world. And you just want to do this one thing, whether it makes you any money or not.

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