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Eric is a dynamic speaker, author, and relationship expert. He uses his 15 years of experience as a pastor and licensed professional counselor to help strengthen relationships and organizations.

Eric has leveraged his transformative, yet easy-to-digest frameworks to save countless marriages and create sustainable change at all levels of any organization.

Our Guest

Eric Wooten

Hacks to Take Away

  • Having a community that has credibility, assurance and hope are way better than any book.
  • When you get into marriage, you’re going to be hypersensitive to any type of criticism or feedback from your spouse and it has really nothing to do with your spouse because we should be able to give each other feedback and grow.
  • Marriage is a little different with three kids than it is with no kids.
  • We talked about ways to work which is going to help move the business forward.
  • Let’s be intentional, things thrive and succeed when we prioritize them.
  • Having some real purpose and shared values, and some of those kinds of things in marriage are the foundation that sustains us.
  • The success of a marriage will depend on the quality of community you’ve got around you.

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