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Today we get to speak with Lisa Monette a social media video voice coach, growth strategist, and Camera confidence ninja, and she specializes in authentic

Live Video Coaching for leaders who must have content that engages, is creative, and converts!

She has personally been responsible for millions of dollars of sales and recruiting including her Pink Trophy on wheels from Mary Kay Cosmetics, keynote training, 5 figure launches on Facebook with her Come Alive On Camera Challenges!

She has worked on teams and trained with elite superstars such as Tony Robbins, Top Celebrity Voice Coach Roger Love,

Academy Awards, Film pro-Travis Shields and Hollywood Reel Producer Jay Menez and many more.

Her passion is to help entrepreneurs to stop stalling and to stand out in their life, by using their voices on video! I’m super excited to bring her on to the episode. So let’s jump in as we discover Lisa’s Origin story.

Our Guest

Lisa Monette

Hacks to Take Away

  • “I am an entrepreneur, I have my whole thing entrepreneurship freedom.” – Lisa
  • Getting people to come more alive when they’re getting in front of people.
  • You can control how you’re showing up and showing up has a sound.
  • You are authentic, but you can be authentic and boring as shit.
  • Sometimes you gotta be coached to bring things out in the more.
  • At the end of the day, let go of whatever flows out.
  • We’ve all got different personalities but I think if you can trust yourself it’s okay to play like a game.

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