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Today we get to speak with Benjamin Yeh, He is a Business & Transformation Coach. Combining his investment experience and intuitive gift, Ben empowers entrepreneurs on how to gain clarity in discovering their ‘True North’, start thriving in their business, and live the life they are meant to create!

Ben’s career has evolved from being a real estate consultant, investment officer for a family office where he invested over $1 billion dollars, serial entrepreneur, husband, father, advisor/coach, and overall student of life.

Ben launched his Boom Vision Podcast in 2021, a show designed for driven entrepreneurs and professionals seeking clarity, purpose and happiness.

His show dives deep on how to create lasting success by building a solid foundation of a healthier mind, body and soul: it all starts with a powerful mindset!

Our Guest

Benjamin Yeh

Hacks to Take Away

  • “My intention was to create an amazing career as an investment officer for a Forbes 500 family.” –  Benjamin
  • As an investment officer, your job and your career is measured by a number, which is just a return.
  • The energy work, really broadened my horizon and activated my right brain metric activity, to try and balance it out.
  • One thing that always came back as a constant was my wife, she’s always right.
  • Immersing yourself in where it’s a hobby or something that brings you joy, true joy from within, you lose track of time.
  • I really want to focus on my passion and my fulfillment and that’s when I started my podcast and that’s when the chain of events happened.
  • If you actually internally build up that internal guidance system that you have that everyone has, you just have to be able to listen.

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