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Today we get to speak with Danielle Laura a two-time number one bestselling and award-winning author, advisor, energetics and relationship expert, and founder of the H.O.T. Method™.

In her private work, she guides thought leaders, celebrities, and power couples around the globe in igniting their innate gifting so they can master their mission, amplify impact, and experience deep connection and fulfillment.

A recognized authority on relationships, alternative healing, and self-mastery, Danielle has been featured in over 30 international publications and podcasts, including Authority Magazine, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, Thrive Global, and more.

Our Guest

Danielle Laura

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Hacks to Take Away

  • Optimize your life in every way, find out where your energetic blueprint and find out your type.
  • Understanding what your dominant intuition type is.
  • Make really unshakeable decisions that are in alignment with your energetic blueprint.
  • Following your biorhythms.
  • Calculate out your life, especially if you’re a projector, and look at where your intellectual high peak is.
  • Longitude and latitude are going to match up with the entire universe, and it will know exactly who you are.
  • Understanding what your dominant intuition type is, means how your intuition speaks to you.

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