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Today we get to speak with crispy Giles, founder, and lead creator at Black Tie media, where he helps entrepreneurs and content creators navigate and monetize in three worlds. He has spent the last 18 years in the entertainment and live events industry where he has done everything from DJing audio engineering, video engineering, and more for live and virtual events. He also currently handles marketing and business development for J Street studio.

He also currently handles marketing and business development for J Street Productions. As a content creator, gamer, and experienced tech live streamer, he took a huge interest in blockchain technology, and what it had to offer the everyday consumer. This opened the door for a lot of his new projects and the opportunity to help others get ahead of the curve find their space and monetize web three. He’s been a guest on numerous podcasts and shows spoken at the pod fest, masterclass summit and on the grow with Google platform.

In today’s episode, we talk a little bit about live streaming, and what it takes to be a content creator and gamer, and father. It was so much fun talking to him, so I can’t wait for you to listen to the episode. So dial in and sit back relax and enjoy the episode.

Our Guest

Chris P Giles

Hacks to Take Away

  • What is the thing that you would do for free every day?
  • Find your weakness and try to make your weakness stronger and try to change it.
  • No matter what space you’re trying to get into it, start where you are.
  • Take it to the heart and start.
  • You got to give the people your well-rounded personality.
  • Being able to live stream and make money while doing it, without sponsors.

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