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Today we get to speak with Hala Taha dubbed the “The Podcast Princess,” who is the host of Young and Profiting (YAP) Podcast, frequently ranked as a #1 Education podcast across all apps. Hala is also the founder and CEO of YAP Media, a social media and podcast marketing agency for top podcasters, celebrities and CEOs. She is well-known for her engaged following and influence on Linkedin, and she landed the January 2021 cover of Podcast Magazine.

Hala started her career in radio production while in college at HOT97 on “The Angie Martinez Show.” Later, she launched an entertainment news blog site, “The Sorority of Hip Hop,” where she led an all-female team of 50 bloggers. Together they ran the popular site, interviewed celebrities, produced radio shows, hosted parties/concerts, and nearly snagged a reality TV show on MTV!

When the blog site boom slowed down, Hala took a temporary exit from the entertainment industry to get an MBA. She has 7 years of corporate marketing experience at HP and Disney Streaming Services. She started Young and Profiting Podcast and YAP Media as a side hustle, scaling the business to 35+ employees before quitting her executive position at Disney to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

YAP Media is now a premier white-glove social media and podcast production agency for CEOS, celebrities, and top podcasters, with a dozen high-profile clients and nearly 60 employees. Young and Profiting podcast is a Top 300 podcast globally, and Hala has interviewed star-studded guests from the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Deepak Chopra, Dave Asprey, Seth Godin, and countless others. Her show was recently awarded as a 2022 Webby Honoree and is currently on track to bring in over $1M in revenue in advertising sponsorship deals in 2022. With the success of growing and monetizing her own show, Hala launched the YAP Media Podcast Network in January 2022, the only podcast network with a specialization in both the growth and monetization of podcasts.

Hala is an expert on networking, personal branding, leadership, social media, side hustles, entrepreneurship, and podcasting.

Our Guest

Hala Taha

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Hacks to Take Away

  • When a gatekeeper tells you “NO” create your own lane.
  • Find more doors to knock on, figure out how you create your door, create your own lane, create your own path, and do it on your own.
  • Living in the age of the Internet where you can literally do anything on your own.
  • Do a lot on your own, and the resources are accessible to you.
  • Think about what you really want, and release the exact outcome that you want.
  • Think about what is going to fulfill you as a person.
  • Skip and jump over and make leaps and bounds to your goals.

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