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Today I got to speak with Travis a retired Naval Officer, married with two children, and on move #50. His humble beginnings include 36 moves before graduating high school at 17, 12 schools, 6 states, 5 foster homes, surviving 2 murder attempts, and mother with type 1 bipolar disorder. Although this was very rough, there was always an organization willing to keep him sheltered, clothed, and fed.

Now that he’s in a position to give back, he’s made it his mission to help the helpers.

Host: Nonprofit Architect Podcast, Veteran Podcast Awards, Miss Crossroads Oklahoma

Founder: Nonprofit Podcast Network, Veteran Podcast Network

Author: Ultimate Podcast Guide

Creator: Ultimate Podcast Course (Forbes, Bellhaven University, and available online)

Our Guest

Travis Johnson

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Hacks to Take Away

  • Start your show and your own podcast for a hobby.
  • Whatever the thing is, you have got to have it on a website.
  • WordPress has much more integrated into everything Google YouTube and everything else than any other version.
  • You only benefit from the threat from the traffic, if you send it to your house (website).
  • You really should have every episode listed as a blog post.
  • Bots can find all the different topics that are laid within.
  • Creating the right promotional material from each episode to share.

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