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Today we get to speak with Expert live stream coach and accomplished content creator, Kirk Nugent, who has reinvented how small businesses, entrepreneurs, and faith-based entities reach the world. Whether he is engaged in one-on-one training to help those who seek to grow their business or he’s captivating audiences through Amazon and CNN with his expertise as a product ambassador, Kirk’s goal is to help organizations leverage innovation. As the host and producer of “How it All Werks,” he believes that corporations, no matter their size, should “stop selling, start streaming, and let the clients come to you!

Our Guest

Kirk Nugent

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Hacks to Take Away

  • Every piece of content you’re putting out there doesn’t matter what it is, the number one thing is you want to answer a question.
  • People are searching in the form matter of a question.
  • You’re essentially giving the algorithm all that it needs to be able to make your content successful.
  • Keep in mind the person who’s going to watch this content. That has to be paramount, it has to be at the top of your priority list.
  • Being consistent is like you’ve made a verbal contract with your audience.
  • Content creation is about creating a space where we can get the art questions answered.
  • Human beings are not meant to be perfect. People don’t resonate with perfect.

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