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Jessica Edwards is more than just a marketer. When she takes on a new client, she helps them optimize their business in every way possible from their processes to their policies, to their branding. She offers comprehensive services that allow her clients to have a cohesive, easily recognizable brand and streamlined processes to better serve their customers.

As a big picture thinker, when she designs a website for a client, she collaborates with them on their vision and mission but also helps improve the customer perceptions and the information that they need to make an educated purchasing decision. She is a professional writer, designer, speaker, business strategist, and photographer. As a mom of a 3-year-old and wife, she continues to work around the clock to ensure her client’s success.

Jess started her business on her own in 2020 after graduating with her MBA in the midst of the pandemic-quickly realizing her passion to help struggling or startup businesses succeed in the ever-evolving marketplace. In fact, she is writing a book coming out this year to better empower entrepreneurs to pivot their marketing strategy to a digital one so they can maintain their market share and better compete with the big box stores and online retailers.

Jess is known to be meticulous, tenacious, efficient, and ethical with 100% client satisfaction. She never gives up and does everything possible to ensure her client’s success.

Our Guest

Jessica Edwards

Hacks to Take Away

  • Google Docs and Google collaboration are extremely important.
  • If you’re using something that is on the cloud, real time, you and your clients easily collaborate, and it’s amazing. Like it’s so powerful. I’ve saved so much time.
  • Collaborating and bringing your clients vision to life and not just doing what you think is best.
  • The best way to bring your vision and your clients vision together is through some kind of cloud collaboration, document or template.
  • So automation is something that a lot of people do not invest in, and it can really help their processes.
  • The more you automate things upfront, the more time you have in the long run.
  • Use software’s that you can use to make your life easier.

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