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Today we get to speak with Deb Rosman, she’s a former Senior Trade Finance Officer with an international energy trading company with over 20 years’ experience

She is now a #1 Best selling international author of It is Done! and The Grieving Heart, a collection of poetry and prose about loss, hope and living.

Deb left the corporate space in exchange for writing and public speaking about the importance of embracing the grieving process in order to heal.

Deb has been featured in FOX, NBC, CBS, and hundreds of other media including the Spotlight Female Entrepreneurs Magazine. Let’s listen in to Deb’s story and why she left her job to focus on her passions.

Our Guest

Deb Rosman

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Hacks to Take Away

  • Embrace physics, ergo, expressly that concept, that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only change form.
  • Listen to something that can then really work as a band-aid effect to help you get through.
  • Having great fun with reinventing.
  • When we shirk off this meat suit, we still exist.
  • Get out into nature.

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