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Today we get to speak with Sean Malone. He is a serial entrepreneur and has owned five different businesses. His biggest business success was taking his electronics company from $250,000 to just over $8,000,000 in revenue.

Since then he has helped guide 4 additional organizations into the 8-figures. All the battle-field tested methods that he uses are part of the core of FlowChat & the Sell By Chat™️ system. With his unique ‘get-it-done’ mentality and a massively supportive team, he stays relentlessly focused on solving the revenue problem for business owners so they can experience the growth and success they deserve.

Always Revenue. Always Relevant.

Our Guest

Sean Malone

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Hacks to Take Away

  • Sean shared about building the tool from a sales brain perspective, not a marketing brain perspective.
  • Flow chat is the number one sales tech for direct messenger outreach.
  • Build a relationship with the person, and communicate with them before you can book the call and before you can close the deal.
  • 10,000 conversations sitting in front of you, and you have no systematic way to continue speaking with those people. And so that’s what the marketing brain tools will do.
  • Prospecting should always be a big part of your game.

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