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Today I get to speak with Christine McAlister. She is passionate about helping impact-driven entrepreneurs attract their next clients by being value-driven podcast guests.

She’s generated well over 6-figures as a podcast guest and has been recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by 7-figure founders like John Lee Dumas, Dana Wilde, and Andrew Kroeze [CREW-ze].

Christine has been a media expert for 2 decades, she’s helped broadcast the Olympic Games, produced an award-winning documentary for PBS, and has been featured in Inc., Business Insider, Bustle, The Huffington Post, and on over 100 podcasts, in addition to hosting her top-rated show No One’s Ever Asked Me That.

So without further ado, let us listen to this conversation.

Our Guest

Christine McAlister

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Hacks to Take Away

  • The biggest thing that I get to practice on multiple times-a-day bases is a real presence.
  • The same thing applies to being a guest on a podcast. You get to practice presence and connection,
  • Your energy is what you bring to your team. That is how you manage them.
  • And you want to have one that doesn’t burn you out and that you want to show up for every day.
  • I get to believe that these things are happening for my growth, and for my highest good and that’s part of what keeps going every day.

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