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Today we get to speak with Jonathan Harris.

He has experimented with and developed a method for creating marketable talent in each of his children.

One of the keys for a teenage son or daughter was to develop something interesting that starts bringing value to the world. And by leveraging the family’s identity so they can exercise their own skills and gifts.

Jonathan goes into detail about how his household became a hothouse for growing unique talents in his children. The benefits are thus twofold as both the family and the child gain from the child’s uniqueness. He explains further how that works in a method that he dubbs “Parent-Their-Passion”.

Let’s learn more as we discover the stories Jonathan shares in this episode.

Our Guest

Jonathan Harris

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @parenttheirpassion

Hacks to Take Away

  • One thing you can do is get your kids to dedicate a blog, or even a video log or an Instagram account dedicated to one particular subject that your child is interested in.
  • Focus on a specific topic.
  • As they are posting about it, you’re going to see that they’re mentally wrestling with the vocabulary, and the lingo of that field that they’re interested in.
  • In order to care, you have to have details. And so this is going to feed your child’s mind, they’re going on to become articulate.
  • Take a closer look at all a lot of times education is thought strictly in terms of what you learn in a formal classroom.

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