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Today we get to speak with the founders of KadilakHomes Susan and Paul. They run a design-build firm in the Greater Boston area.

Together they have made it their mission to help their clients turn an ordinary house into a haven that they love coming home to!

The Kadilaks have grown by connecting directly with their audience through their social media channels and are excited to announce that they just launched a brand-new app, “Renovation Rekindle”, featuring their new show with 10 half-hour episodes.

In each episode, you can follow along with the Kadilaks and their clients on a complete home renovation journey from beginning to end.

But before you watch those amazing episodes on their app, let’s see how they got started and discover their origin story in this exclusive episode.

Our Guest

Susan and Paul Kadilak

Hacks to Take Away

  • Putting yourself out there really allows people to get to know you.
  • We named the show renovation to rekindle because we wanted people to fall back in love with their homes.
  • If you have a house you love, you don’t mind being home.
  • Just when you first look at your house, there’s something about it that you love to envision there’s a belief, a hope that like you can have something there.
  • If you’re doing the work for the money, it’s never gonna work out. You’re doing the work because you love it and that passion is there. The money will follow.

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