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Today we get to speak with Gregory Offner.

Gregory Offner is a multi-talented individual, with a passion for entertaining and educating others. His keynotes, workshops, and corporate consulting engagements help the world’s leading organizations create high-performing, highly fulfilled leaders. Prior to this work, Greg led global sales and marketing efforts for several Fortune 100 organizations; brokered complex Risk Management and Insurance programs for large commercial organizations, and drove process improvement initiatives as a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner.

He was a world-renowned dueling pianist who just happened to also have a 15-year career leading sales and marketing. Then strategy struck, doctors handed him top options, either lose the ability to speak OR undergo vocal surgery. After enduring 15 surgeries on his vocal cords over five years and nearly losing the ability to speak permanently, he makes sure the words that he uses matter. Today, as an award-winning keynote performer, Gregory helps organizations and the people within them shape cultures of highly fulfilled, high-performing people. I’m excited to bring Gregory and his expertise to this podcast.

Our Guest

Gregory Offner

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Twitter : gregoryoffnerjr

Hacks to Take Away

  • That musical drive ran through me so powerfully.
  • Sales is a skill that will serve you everywhere in anywhere you go, being able to persuade and convince.
  • Elevate the experience of work for organizations and let each person within that organization find what fulfills them and marry it with their professional responsibilities.
  • If we reflect on challenges in our life, they’re often not just one big thing that pops out of the sky and lands on us.
  • If you walk into each day, with that attitude and with that perspective, every day gets a little brighter.
  • I found that the people who have the least are generally the most grateful, very surprising shift

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