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Today I got to speak with Mary Henderson.

Mary is an internationally recognized Personal Branding & Online Business Specialist.

Mary helps Industry Experts systemize, digitalize, and commercialize their knowledge, wisdom, and skills into a scalable & profitable online business and a brand so they become an authority in their niche or industry.

This is gonna be an awesome conversation!

Our Guest

Mary Henderson

Hacks to Take Away

  • Entrepreneurship is really about innovation. It’s about challenging the status quo.
  • Entrepreneurship is genuinely solving a complex problem.
  • Wisdom and skill set is a much more accurate representation of entrepreneurship.
  • You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable when you’re an entrepreneur, it has to be part of your DNA.
  • Creating a business is understanding the market, it’s understanding the way that your audience thinks.
  • Understand the power of implementing systems in your business as an entrepreneur.
  • I want to help people find their purpose.

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