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Today I got to speak with Jonathan Zacks.

Some people like basketball. Some people like movies. Jonathan’s passion is helping small businesses increase revenue and save time. Jonathan is on a mission to decimate no-show appointments. After running an appointment-based business for a decade, he co-founded GoReminders which increases business revenue and cuts wasted staff time with automated appointment reminders & online booking. Jonathan runs Growth & Marketing for GoReminders and loves helping small businesses with automation and communication.

Automation is something we wanted to hear from the expert, let’s listen to what Jonathan can share.

Our Guest

Jonathan Zacks

Hacks to Take Away

  • Save time and increase revenue by cutting out no-show appointments.
  • We did the calculations of how much time and revenue was probably being lost due to no-show appointments and built a solution to address that problem.
  • There are plenty of solutions that are made to manage specific industry software.
  • Know about your competitors, and what kind of info they put on their websites.
  • Reframing the concept of doing something.
  • Get people to pay as quickly as possible.

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