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Unlock your inner superhero and discover your true potential with the help of Doctor of Staffworth’s transformational journey to personal and business breakthroughs.   “Believe that change is possible and it wouldn’t take you ages to drop the limiting programming because there is amazing research and strategies and techniques out there to help you on your journey.” Endre Hoffman is a mindset specialist and the “Doctor of Self Worth” who has traveled to 65 countries and invested over $100,000 in personal development seminars. He now helps people unlock their inner freedom and find their life purpose. Endre Hoffman grew up in a household where his father was absent and his grandfather was constantly critical. He spent his life trying to win his father’s love and prove his worth, but it never worked. After 30 years of searching, Endre eventually found the help he needed to break through his limiting patterns and beliefs. He realized that his life was a reflection of his earlier programming, and he was now able to make positive changes to his life and business. With the right help, Endre was able to unlock his inner power, free himself from his negative thoughts, and discover his true self worth.

Our Guest

Endre Hoffman

Hacks to Take Away

  1. What techniques can be used to unlock psychological limitations that hinder personal and business success?  
  2. How can you identify and overcome negative stories and patterns in your head?
  3. What strategies can you use to uncover your life purpose and mission?

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