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In this episode of Hacks and Hobbies, we sit down with Daniel Alfon, a LinkedIn and business coach, to discuss how to maximize your potential on the LinkedIn platform. Daniel shares how he stumbled upon LinkedIn as a powerful tool to help him achieve his sales quota and how it eventually led him to become a LinkedIn coach. He emphasizes the importance of leaving the platform when necessary and using email referrals to reach out to potential clients. Daniel also discusses the evolution of LinkedIn and the role of video content in increasing engagement and reach on the platform. Tune in to learn practical tips on how to leverage LinkedIn to grow your network and generate revenue.

Our Guest:

Daniel Alfon

Website: LinkedIn: His Book: Twitter: Quora:

1. To enhance ⁠your LinkedIn profile⁠ with a (free) video cover

2. Hack N. 2: Networking Article: ⁠ ⁠ Hacks to Takeaway:

  • LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for achieving sales goals and growing your network.
  • Knowing when to leave the platform and using email referrals can be effective ways to reach potential clients.
  • Video content can increase engagement and reach on LinkedIn.
  • Focusing on business metrics, such as revenue, is more important than LinkedIn metrics.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn can help individuals and businesses grow their network and generate revenue.

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