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Today’s episode is one that I’m particularly excited about because I get to speak with a fighter pilot, Dominic Teich. Dominic, is a fighter pilot with over 16 years of experience in military aviation. From building model planes at age seven to teaching students how to start a jet and employ it in a wartime scenario, Dom shares his journey of passion and perseverance that led him to become a fighter pilot. Join us as we explore the importance of having a supportive environment, pursuing your passions, and looking far ahead in life. Let us explore his journey and learn how Dom became a fighter pilot.

Our Guest

Dominic Teich

Hacks to take Away

  • Avoid the achievement hamster wheel by taking action, but not burning yourself out. Sit still for 5 minutes each morning and visualize where you want to go and what you want to achieve.
  • Surround yourself with a coach, guide, or team. You need people to help you succeed and hold you accountable.
  • Take action, even if you fail. Learning happens through repetition, failure, and action.
  • Plan, execute, and debrief. Debriefing is essential to learning from your successes and failures and refining your processes.
  • Learn from your mistakes and adjust your plan accordingly. This will help you succeed and open new doors for you.

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