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Christian De La Huerta is a spiritual teacher, breathwork practitioner, and author who has been doing retreats and workshops for over 30 years. He has also authored several books, including “Awakening the Soul of Power” and “Coming Out Spiritually”. In his work, he focuses on empowering people, helping them to overcome fears and transcend past drama, and how to have conscious, intentional relationships. Christian De La Huerta has also been a speaker at many conferences and events, and he has travelled all over the world.

Our Guest

Christian De La Huerta

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Hacks to take Away

  • Use the breath: The breath is the most loyal and faithful companion on the journey of being alive. When we learn to develop a relationship with the breath, it can be life-changing. We can slow down our breath to slow down the heart and relax the body, which helps in centering ourselves and calming ourselves.
  • Be present: Anything that we can practice to bring ourselves present is the secret to inner peace. The ego mind is always stuck in the past or projecting into the future, and we have a hard time being in the present moment. Any mindfulness or meditation practice can help us stay present and make a huge difference in our lives.
  • Break down goals: Learn to break down goals into smaller, manageable, doable pieces. It’s better to commit to achievable goals that become self-rewarding rather than setting ourselves up for failure by taking on too much.
  • Navigate emotions: Rather than controlling emotions, we need to learn to navigate them. Energy cannot be destroyed, so all the times we have suppressed our emotions, it gets caught in the tissues of the body, leading to a lifetime of repressed emotional baggage. We need to navigate our emotions rather than stuffing them.
  • Travel and meet people from all over the world: Traveling and meeting people from different societies can help us clean up our lenses and broaden our minds, providing the much-needed nutrition from variety to our minds.

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