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Join us in this inspiring episode as we talk to Salina Yeung, the founder of In Academy. She shares her journey of quitting her job during the pandemic and starting her own business. Learn how she helps small business owners and entrepreneurs build their online presence and personal brand on LinkedIn. Discover the power of creating a powerful personal brand and how it can help you win clients and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Our Guest

Salina Yeung

Hacks to Take Away

  • Building a personal brand that is follow-worthy and aligned with your business offer is crucial for success on LinkedIn.
  • Conversion content, which is strategic and intentional content that builds demand for your business while also providing value to your audience, is an essential component of a successful LinkedIn strategy.
  • Social selling, which involves building connections and relationships with potential clients based on trust, is a powerful way to sell your products or services on LinkedIn.
  • Apple’s approach to launching the Apple Watch illustrates the importance of warming up your audience and creating a need before launching a new product or service.
  • The In Academy is a resource where you can learn more about these LinkedIn strategies and tactics in greater detail.

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