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In this episode, we speak with Craig Kelley, founder of LeadScripts, about his journey from being a struggling musician to creating a successful business. Craig shares his challenges and lessons he learned along the way, including the importance of listening to your audience and delivering solutions that solve their problems. He also shares his experience with AppSumo and how it helped him refine his product through user feedback. This episode is a must-listen if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking to create a successful product.

Our Guest

Craig Kelley

Hacks to Take Away

  • Craig Kelley struggled to find inspiration for his next project after losing clients to larger hosting companies like GoDaddy.
  • He created a social media platform called Mocha Max but later narrowed his focus to Twitter and learned about APIs and programming.
  • Craig then tried to help musicians sell their music online through ClickFunnels, but COVID-19 disrupted the music industry and made it challenging to sell to musicians.
  • Craig decided to create LeadScripts, a product that offers fill-in-the-blank sales page templates to help businesses with their marketing. He refined the product based on user feedback from AppSumo.
  • He advises entrepreneurs to find the right audience for their product, listen to their customers, and continually refine their product to better serve their customers’ needs.

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