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In this episode, we speak with Kirstie Rickert, the CEO of More Prints and other successful companies. Kirstie shares her inspiring journey from being an artistic black sheep of the family to becoming a successful entrepreneur. She discusses how she started and grew her businesses from zero to millions in just a few years, sharing her tips and insights along the way. Tune in to learn how to start and grow a successful business and stay motivated during the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Our Guest

Kirstie Rickert

Hacks to take Away

  • Thoughtful gifts that have sentimental value are more meaningful than generic gifts like chocolates or flowers.
  • Kirstie started her multi-million dollar company in 2018 but it wasn’t until the end of 2019 that she really got it up and going, so she experienced both the pre-pandemic and pandemic periods.
  • Going through the journey of growing a business allows you to bring out your creative and passionate sides, and is something that cannot be replicated.
  • Don’t give up when things are really bad.
  • Build a solid team.
  • Have a mentor or a group of people you can talk to for feedback.

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