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In this episode we sit down with Phil Harrington, ‘The Credit Card Guy,’ as he takes us on a journey through his entrepreneurial career. Phil shares his experience selling candy bars as a teenager and how it sparked his passion for sales. From telemarketing to selling cars, Phil eventually found his niche in the credit card processing industry. Discover the power of cold calling, the importance of follow-up, and the secrets to success in sales. Whether you’re a seasoned salesperson or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, this episode offers valuable insights and strategies that can transform your approach to selling. Tune in now and gain the knowledge to master the art of cold calling.

Our Guest

Phil Herrington

Hacks to take Away

  • Sales skills are learned: Salespeople are not born, but rather develop their skills over time. It’s a series of honed skills that anyone can learn and improve upon.
  • Automate follow-ups: The fortune is in the follow-up. Automating follow-up processes, such as through monthly newsletters or automated messaging, can greatly enhance sales conversions and maintain customer engagement.
  • Consistency is key: Consistency in taking action, even if it’s not your best day, is crucial for progress. B-minus work is better than no work at all. Making small efforts each day adds up and propels you forward.
  • Master the art of cold calling: Cold calling can be a powerful sales tool when done effectively. Building confidence and practicing your pitch can lead to successful cold calls and conversions.
  • Set goals with a specific date: Setting specific goals, such as becoming a millionaire, with a defined date can help reverse engineer your path to success. Writing down goals and plans creates a roadmap for achieving them.

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