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In this episode, we sit down with special guest Fannie to discuss the fascinating journey of building a personal brand and connecting with your audience. Fannie shares her experiences as an expert in branding and marketing for technology firms, highlighting the importance of combining expertise, passion, and personality. Discover how Fannie’s diverse background, including immigrating to Canada and working in civil engineering, shaped her career trajectory. Gain valuable insights into leveraging personal branding strategies for both individuals and corporations. Join us for an engaging conversation that explores the power of storytelling, authenticity, and finding your unique voice in the digital age.

Our Guest

Fanny Dunagan

  • (I’m actually in the process of updating my website – hope it’s done by your show!)

Hacks to take Away

  • Building a personal brand is about creating content that resonates with your audience and establishes trust, leading them to become clients and customers.
  • Content serves as a means of serving and providing value to your audience, rather than simply selling to them.
  • Creating valuable and engaging content leads to warmer connections and leads, as people come to you based on the value you provide.
  • In the era of short-form content, it’s important to balance quick, entertaining content with longer, more substantial content that creates a deeper connection with your audience.
  • Content should have four purposes: education, information, inspiration, and entertainment. By focusing on these four aspects, you can create a well-rounded content strategy that engages your audience and aligns with your brand.

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