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In this episode, our guest, Michael, shares his journey from a high school English teacher to a Broadway producer and, eventually, an expert in networking and referability. We explore the importance of making brands referable and how to craft memorable messages that leave a lasting impact. Discover the triple threat of thought leadership and learn how to leverage the celebrity, scientist, and magician within yourself to create an aura of curiosity and influence. Tune in to gain insights on how to become a thought leader and make your brand truly referable.

Our Guest

Michael Roderick


Hacks to take Away

  • Check for Understanding: Encourage others to repeat what you’ve shared in their own words to ensure accessibility and clarity of your ideas.
  • Create a Magic Trick: Develop a concept or framework that others would want to share because it makes them look cool, similar to a magician’s trick.
  • Target Problem: Instead of solely focusing on your solution, identify and articulate the target problem your clients face. Tap into the emotional aspect of the problem to create curiosity and interest in working with you.

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