In this episode I sit down with entrepreneur and software business owner Kim Dang. Kim takes us on a captivating journey, recounting her humble beginnings in car dismantling and her transition to becoming a successful software entrepreneur. Tune in to learn how podcasting played a vital role in Kim’s journey, enabling her to connect with diverse audiences and refine her message. Discover the power of consistency, the value of software businesses, and the steps Kim took to build her thriving community. Join us for an inspiring conversation that highlights the transformational possibilities when passion meets perseverance.

Our Guest

Kim Dang

Hacks to take Away

  • Hashtags are becoming important for Facebook groups and can significantly increase group volume when used strategically in posts, group descriptions, and even group titles. Facebook groups are increasingly functioning as search engines, and hashtags can help groups organically appear in searches and suggested group recommendations.
  • Facebook is actively promoting the growth of groups and even acquiring communities, paying individuals to run groups through scholarships. It’s a dynamic time for groups, and leveraging hashtags can help increase organic reach and visibility.
  • When it comes to group conversions, it’s not always about having a large group. Instead, focus on the quality of leads and the individuals who are genuinely interested in your offering. Building a smaller, highly engaged group can still lead to significant sales and revenue.
  • Data enrichment campaigns can be implemented to enhance the quality of leads gathered from opt-ins. By scraping group data and utilizing tools like or Unbounce, you can clean and verify email addresses and phone numbers, ensuring the information is accurate and reliable.
  • Leveraging area codes and utilizing software like Kixi can enhance the effectiveness of calling campaigns. Matching area codes and using iPhones to send texts with personalized names can increase pickup rates and build trust with potential customers.
  • Software arbitrage is a strategy where coaches, consultants, and product sellers can provide value-added services by leveraging existing software tools with sub-accounts and white-labeling capabilities. This allows for the creation of a month-to-month recurring income stream and fosters customer loyalty by keeping them within your ecosystem.

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