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In this episode, we have a truly inspiring guest with us. She’s an entrepreneur, a mentor, and a visionary in the world of personal finance and marketing. Join me in welcoming the incredible Kathleen as she shares her remarkable journey and the defining moments that led her to the path of success and empowerment. But before we dive in, a quick shout-out to all of you tuning in while driving, working, or simply seeking inspiration. We’re thrilled to have you here! So let’s embark on a journey of rediscovery and inspiration, and remember, the road to greatness starts with just one step. Let’s begin!”

Our Guest

Kathleen Celmins


Hacks to take away:

  • Productizing Services: Kathleen highlights two approaches to consider when productizing services. One can either teach and productize a part of their current client services or identify valuable insights and lessons they wish they knew earlier in their entrepreneurial journey and turn those into products.
  • Business Building: Entrepreneurs should consider teaching their past selves by creating products that address pain points they faced when starting their business. These products can fast track success and attract customers who are experiencing similar challenges.
  • Watch for the Word “Just”: Kathleen advises listeners to be mindful of the word “just” during brainstorming sessions. Often, creators underestimate the value of their skills because certain tasks come naturally to them. However, these skills can be valuable and sought-after by others.
  • Simplicity Sells: Avoid the misconception that products need to be complex to be valuable. Instead, focus on creating easy-to-consume products that solve customers’ problems effectively. Keeping it simple can enhance customer experience and increase sales.
  • Podcasting and Networking: While Kathleen doesn’t currently have her own podcast, she values the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with experts and learn about diverse perspectives. Podcasting serves as a powerful networking tool, connecting individuals with unique insights and experiences.

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