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Max Branstetter is the Founder & Podcast Producer at MaxPodcasting, a podcast production business, where he’s edited over 1,000 podcast episodes and helped launch over two dozen podcasts. He’s the Host of the Wild Business Growth Podcast, featuring over 235 wild entrepreneurs including the minds behind WordPress, Stacy’s Pita Chips, NFL RedZone, Big Mouth Billy Bass, and the voice of Bart Simpson. He writes the Podcasting to the Max newsletter, where podcasting meets entrepreneurship

Our Guest

Max Branstetter

  • @MaxBranstetter on all platforms

Hacks to take away

  1. Leveraging Your Network: Building and nurturing a strong network of connections, especially in the podcasting and entrepreneurial space, can significantly impact the success of your business or venture. Engaging with your network and maintaining genuine relationships can lead to exciting opportunities and successful launches.
  2. Being Organized: Whether managing podcast production or any business operations, being highly organized is crucial. Planning work schedules, client deliveries, and staying ahead of deadlines can ensure smooth workflows and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  3. Focus on Quality: Emphasizing quality in every aspect of your business, from recording and editing podcasts to marketing materials, can set you apart from competitors. Providing a polished and enjoyable experience for your audience and clients will lead to greater success and positive feedback.
  4. Cherishing Childhood Interests: Reflecting on childhood interests, such as drumming or playing guitar, can be a source of joy and inspiration. While career paths may change, holding onto passions and finding ways to incorporate them into life can add fulfillment and balance.
  5. Admiring Iconic Characters: Appreciating iconic characters like James Bond or Batman can provide creative inspiration and enjoyment. Drawing parallels between their journeys and your entrepreneurial endeavors can be a fun and motivational exercise.

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