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In this episode I got to speak with Jerry, Jerry shared his incredible journey into podcasting. Jerry’s story began with a simple idea – to have open and unfiltered conversations with his family members. From there, they embarked on a unique journey, recording episodes filled with genuine, unscripted discussions. Join us as we explore the origins of ‘Family Time Q&A,’ a podcast that evolved through honesty, humor, and the fearless sharing of thoughts. Discover how Jerry and his family turned everyday moments into valuable life lessons. If you’re curious about creating authentic content and fostering genuine connections, this episode is a must-listen.

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Hacks to take away:

  1. Know Your Avatar: Understanding your ideal customer profile, even down to the smallest details, is foundational. It helps you tailor your offerings and messages precisely to their needs and desires.
  2. Keep Learning: Embrace curiosity and continuous learning. Attend conferences and events that might seem unrelated to your field, as you can often find valuable insights that can be applied creatively in your domain.
  3. Join Communities and Tribes: Invest in joining groups, masterminds, or coaching communities where you can network and learn from like-minded individuals. Being part of these tribes can provide valuable support and fresh perspectives.
  4. Embrace Change: Realize that you never fully “arrive,” and change is constant. Adapt and evolve with new knowledge and insights to stay relevant and effective in your endeavors.
  5. Combine Multiple Skills: Don’t be afraid to bring skills and knowledge from different areas together. Sometimes, cross-disciplinary thinking can lead to innovative solutions and perspectives.

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Junaid Ahmed has been a user experience designer for over 15 years. As a UX professional, he uses the user-centered design philosophy to come up with solutions. Trust the system, it works!

“People say that we only live once, but I believe in living every day!”

Junaid has been interviewing people from all walks of life on his podcast Hacks and Hobbies.