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In this episode, we have an incredible guest with us, Captain Hoff. I discovered Captain Hoff through TikTok, where he’s been sharing some truly insightful content condensed into the storyteller model. We had a fantastic intro call, and I was blown away by all the incredible work he’s doing at Founder Space. So, let’s dive right in as Captain Hoff shares his journey, the story behind Founder Space, and why he’s called ‘Captain.’ Stay tuned for a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Our Guest

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Hacks to take away:

  1. “Ask, Don’t Tell” Approach: Instead of giving explicit instructions to your employees, engage them by asking what they think they should be doing. Encouraging them to share ideas and solutions can boost innovation and engagement.
  2. Perspective on Stress: When you find yourself stressed as an entrepreneur, reflect on whether you can remember what stressed you out a year ago, a week ago, or even a month ago. Most minor stresses tend to fade from memory, emphasizing the transitory nature of stress.
  3. Leveraging Team Strengths: When managing teams, it’s crucial to identify and utilize each team member’s strengths. Don’t force individuals into roles they aren’t excellent at. Help team members discover their true strengths and align them accordingly. In a small startup, every team member needs to excel in their role for the company to thrive.
  4. Prioritizing Excellence: In startups, where competition is fierce, settling for mediocrity is not an option. Ensure that every employee performs at an excellent level in their respective roles. If there’s no suitable role for an employee to excel, consider parting ways to maintain overall excellence.
  5. Putting Stress in Perspective: Realize that most daily stresses are forgettable in the long run. Stressing over minor issues isn’t productive, as these concerns tend to fade from memory over time. Focus on addressing significant challenges that have a lasting impact. Let’s get started with your Home Studio! Be ready for live streaming, zoom calls, and creating content. Let me help you build a space that helps you gain confidence in front of the lens. Book a call here for a free consultation:⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Junaid Ahmed has been a user experience designer for over 15 years. As a UX professional, he uses the user-centered design philosophy to come up with solutions. Trust the system, it works!

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