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In this episode, we sit down with David Dippong. David is the go-to resource for real estate needs in Southern California from Los Angeles to Orange County. Working with the Cømpass real estate brokerage, he specializes in residential single & multi-family purchases, sales, and investments. David helps high & low-income individuals plan for, create, and acquire a diverse residential property portfolio that meets their investment & financial freedom goals. He works every day to help his exclusive clients achieve a higher level of real estate education, buy their first/second/third home, and actively leverage their real estate to build long-term, multi-generational wealth.

Our Guest Website: Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Twitter: Spotify: Hacks to take away;

  1. Leverage Downpayment Assistance Programs: Many areas offer downpayment assistance programs that can significantly help individuals save for their first home. These programs may take time to qualify for, but it’s worth being in line for them while you continue to save on your own.
  2. Consider Multi-Unit Properties: Buying a two-unit, three-unit, or four-unit property can be a smart strategy. You’ll only be responsible for a portion of the total mortgage, and the additional units can help cover costs. Renting out rooms or units can help you save money while building equity.
  3. Leverage Real Estate as Good Debt: Real estate can be leveraged more than many other investments because it’s considered “good debt.” Owning property can lead to a significant drop in your cost of living once it’s paid off.
  4. Build Relationships with Real Estate Professionals: Building long-term relationships with real estate professionals can lead to more consistent outcomes. They can help you achieve your real estate goals over time and provide valuable insights.
  5. Trustworthy Relationships Reduce Mental Load: Trustworthy relationships, whether with real estate professionals or other experts, can reduce your mental load. When you have someone you can trust for specific needs, it allows you to focus on your career, relationships, and personal goals without trying to be an expert at everything. Let’s get started with your Home Studio! Be ready for live streaming, zoom calls, and creating content. Let me help you build a space that helps you gain confidence in front of the lens. Book a call here for a free consultation:⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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