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Alice Boll is the host of the ScrapHappy membership, a community for scrapbookers. Alice helps people document their stories and photos in fun and creative ways. She also hosts the ScrapHappier podcast to inspire scrapbookers to make layouts they love.

Our Guest On IG: @aliceboll Hacks to take away:

  1. Have Fun: Enjoyment is a key element in any creative or business endeavor. If you’re having fun, it’s more likely that others will enjoy it too. Ensure that you’re enjoying the work you’re doing in your community or business.
  2. Avoid Overloading: Sometimes, the temptation is to provide too much content or events, thinking it will enhance the user experience. However, overloading can overwhelm your audience. Find the right balance to keep them engaged without making them feel like they’re missing out.
  3. Seek Help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help or outsource tasks that you’re not comfortable with or don’t enjoy. This could be technical assistance, writing, editing, or any aspect of your business that you find challenging.
  4. Establish Credibility: In creative and artistic domains, building credibility is crucial. This can be achieved through education, experience, or both. Having knowledge about your craft can help you guide and assist others effectively.
  5. Embrace Technology: Utilize technology, especially social media, to showcase your creative work. Having a plan for how you’ll use social media to connect with your audience is vital, as visual appeal is essential in artistic businesses.

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