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In this episode, we got to speak with Bob Gentle. Bob has worked in the field of digital marketing for nearly twenty years, most of the time running his agency.

He now works with a handful of corporate clients but focuses on helping personal brand entrepreneurs fine-tune their product or business model, then find and build an audience online and compete against larger businesses with deeper pockets.

He does this through niche personal brand agency services, speaking, consulting, and workshops as well as group-based or one-on-one programs of hybrid coaching, consulting, and training.

Alongside this, he hosts the ‘The Personal Brand Entrepreneur Show’. Rated in the global top 2% of all podcasts ( Listenotes ), Bob interviews trailblazing creators, niche influencers, consultants, and business owners.

While the podcast scratches his curiosity itch’ for Bob, it also fuels and shapes his client work, keeping him very current and connected to what’s working ‘right now’.

Bob lives in Scotland with his wife and is a keen snowboarder, former search and rescue team leader, and British army reservist. Tune in for valuable insights and inspiration!

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  1. Pricing Strategy Hack: When discussing pricing with potential clients, rather than asking for their budget directly, suggest a price range and ask how they feel about it. This approach helps gauge their comfort level with pricing without making them reveal their budget upfront.
  2. Physical Space for Big Ideas: Big ideas, whether for a business or a creative project, benefit from physical space. Using tools like sticky notes and walls allows these ideas to grow over time, as you engage with them regularly. Physical reminders trigger your unconscious mind and foster creativity.
  3. Designing Your Luck: Your reticular activating system plays a crucial role in recognizing opportunities. When you prepare for opportunities by having clear plans and descriptions, your brain becomes attuned to spotting them. This is akin to designing your luck by being ready for what you seek.
  4. Manifesting Through Preparation: By preparing for opportunities, you effectively manifest them. When your unconscious brain knows what to look for, it will surface relevant opportunities when you need them. This principle underscores the importance of being ready and intentional in your pursuits.
  5. The Dream 100 Networking Tactic: Create a list of influential individuals, your “Dream 100,” who could significantly impact your life or business. By acknowledging their importance and taking intentional steps to connect with them, you tap into the power of the reticular activating system, potentially opening doors to transformative opportunities.

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