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In this episode, we get to speak with Michaell Magrutsche. He is a strategist, multidisciplinary artist, Creativity-Awareness Educator, strategist (private, corporate, and political) speaker, and author.

Michaell works on raising awareness of our limitless human potential. Dyslexia/dysgraphia forced Michaell to develop an awareness to see the world purely from a human perspective which allowed him to survive. Today, Michaell’s unique perspective allows him to contribute to almost every topic. Michaell is an advocate for understanding neurodiversity.

Michaell is self-taught and wrote 6 books about art and humanity, man-made systems, and human inclusivity. Creating art further taught him to understand the nuances of human-centric vs system-relevant living.

In his book The Smart of Art, Michaell refines the misunderstanding of why 97-99% of artists worldwide exist around the poverty level.

In over 200 guest appearances since March 2022, Michell talks about his journey of not being able to system navigate and how you can see every issue from a human-centric and system-relevant perspective.

Our Guest

Hacks to take away:

  1. In real life, doing the right things like paying taxes or obeying traffic rules often goes unrewarded, which highlights the need for systemic updates in society.
  2. Michael hosts the “Smart of Art” podcast, where he shares 30-second quotes focusing on the true value of art creation, encouraging listeners to reflect on the content.
  3. Michael emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, recognizing that each individual is unique with their own perspective on life.
  4. He advocates for a shift from system-relevant thinking to a more human-centric approach, where systems adapt to support individuals’ needs, such as accommodating parents taking care of sick children.
  5. Michael encourages everyone to embrace their creativity, reminding us that art is a part of being human, and expressing oneself through various creative outlets is a way to explore one’s uniqueness.

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