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In this episode, we sit down with Blair Abee.

He is an author, poet, educator, YouTuber, and ordinary mystic. He’s written 5 best-selling books at Amazon Books on the subjects of meditation, mindfulness, manifestation, and related topics. “I am an explorer who has discovered a variety of techniques and ideas that thousands of people have found useful in their personal development.”

Blair developed Higher Consciousness Meditation, a simple but powerful technique, after many years of meditation and yoga. A traumatic year at a new job with a difficult boss who was abusing employees forced him to dive deep into his meditation practice to stay sane. As a result, he emerged with new, vibrant ways of coping with life’s challenges.

In short, he’s an observer, yogi, and a toolmaker. With unique perspectives about who we are as humans and how we can grow and evolve in this lifetime.

Our Guest

Hacks to take away

  1. Unique Meditation Process: The speaker offers a sit-down meditation process intended to bypass traditional mind training methods and provide a direct experience of illumination. This approach aims to help individuals connect with their higher consciousness without struggling to subdue the mind’s chatter.
  2. Mindfulness Practices: In addition to meditation, the speaker suggests incorporating mindfulness practices into daily life. These practices serve as reminders to reconnect with one’s higher consciousness throughout the day, fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness and spiritual connection.
  3. Manifestation Technique: The speaker outlines a simple manifestation technique that involves asking for the best possible outcome in a situation, acknowledging the involvement of spirit or higher consciousness, and expressing gratitude. This approach emphasizes openness to unforeseen opportunities and outcomes guided by a higher wisdom.
  4. Gratitude and Growth: Expressing gratitude is highlighted as a powerful way to raise consciousness and invite more positivity into one’s life. The speaker shares a personal example of how challenges and setbacks can ultimately lead to unexpected opportunities for growth and gratitude.
  5. Partnership with Higher Consciousness: The speaker emphasizes the importance of developing a partnership with one’s higher consciousness or soul. By aligning with this deeper aspect of oneself, individuals can experience a sense of wholeness and integration, transcending mere human limitations.

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