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In this episode, I get to speak with Phil Herrington.

He is a seasoned sales expert with over 30 years of experience. We delve into the world of networking, discussing effective cold-calling strategies, the importance of leveraging common interests and building authentic relationships.

Phil shares invaluable insights and actionable tips on how to make meaningful connections that drive business growth and success. Whether you’re a seasoned networker or just starting, this episode offers practical advice to elevate your networking game

Stay tuned for valuable insights and actionable tips coming your way!

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Hacks to take away

  1. Introduction of a New Product: The transcript discusses a new product associated with Acai Berry and the speaker’s involvement with it. This introduces the audience to the topic of the discussion, highlighting the product’s potential benefits and its background.
  2. Origin and Evolution of the Product: It delves into the history of the product, starting from its inception as a superfood drink in the early 2000s to its evolution into a new formula with enhanced features. The conversation also touches upon the business model associated with the product, focusing on direct-to-consumer sales and commission-based marketing.
  3. Product Features and Benefits: The transcript outlines the features and benefits of the new product, emphasizing its health benefits, including joint health and overall well-being. It mentions the unique selling points of the product, such as its composition of 30 super fruits and its potential to provide noticeable improvements in a short period.
  4. Business Mission and Model: The discussion sheds light on the mission and business model of the company behind the product. It emphasizes the goal of providing cost-effective products manufactured in the US, with a focus on supporting local manufacturing and offering competitive pricing comparable to major retailers like Amazon.
  5. Call to Action: Towards the end of the conversation, the speaker provides links for the audience to learn more about the product and potentially make a purchase. This serves as a call to action for interested listeners to explore further and consider trying out the product for themselves.

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